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DTF Transfers are full color and ready to press with a commercial heat press. You cannot use a cricut heat press or household iron. Transfer can be applied to any colored cotton, poly blend and even 100% polyester material and so many more substrates. The measurements are an estimate and might vary slightly. The measurements are measure by the widest part of the image. 


Heat your press to 325 

Pre-press garment for 5 seconds to remove moisture.

Place the transfer printed side down, not necessary but recommend covering transfer with Teflon or parchment paper, press for 15 seconds with firm pressure.

Film Is HOT peel, peel transfer film immediately after pressing, if film is not sticking all the way, then pre-press for another 5 seconds.

Cover back with the Teflon sheet, re-press for 5 seconds. That's it!

By purchasing you agree that it is on you to apply the transfer correctly and with that being said there is no refund or exchange. All Sales are final after the transfer has been applied to a garment.

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