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#133 UV DTF WRAP- Like a Regular Mom Only Way Higher

#133 UV DTF WRAP- Like a Regular Mom Only Way Higher

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These UV dtf transfer stickers are perfect for decorating 16 oz glass cups. You can cut the Uv dtf transfer stickers as you like to decorate other cups. You can decorate these UV dtf stickers on various glasses, such as water cups, coffee cups, etc. You can also use them on water bottles, phone cases, wooden furniture, metal objects, mirrors, glass windows and other smooth surface items.
Uv dtf wraps transfer stickers cups are approximately 24*11 cm/9.45*4.33 inches.


1. Peel off the clear paper from the bottom of the transfer stickers

2. Stick it on the area to be decorated, and gently rub the transfer sticker onto the surface

3. Slowly peel off the cover plastic film and you will have a perfect cover for glass or plastic cups.

DO NOT wash in dishwasher also do not let them soak in water for a long period of time. 

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