Can I return or exchange custom orders?

Sorry No, we do not accept returns or exchange custom orders other than the order came in as wrong order, and you must email the same day as delivery with picture of proof.

How will I know when my order is shipped out?

You will get an email with tracking number to track package.

Can I pick up my order?

Yes, if you live near Guyton GA then you are welcome to pick up. Please wait for a confirmation that your order is ready for pickup then a time will be arranged for you to pick up.

How do I press the Transfer?

Please look on home page under heating instructions.

What is DTF?

Direct to film, commonly called DTF, is a process in which an Image is printed onto a piece of film which then can be pressed with a commercial heat press not a home Iron, on large variety of fabric and other substrates.

TAT Time?

1-3 Business days (no weekends or holidays)

 Is a heat press required?

Yes, Home iron will not work.

How to make a gang sheet?

Please look on home page for full instructions.

Do I need my Image to be DPI of 300?

Yes, for best results, save artwork with an DPI of 300, transparent background in a PNG file.

What is DPI 300?

If an Image has a resolution of 300 DPI, this means that contains 300 dots of ink per inch, Image will appear sharp and crisp.

Can we print trade marketed images?

Absolutely NOT!!!!

What if file is too large to download?

You can email it to us @shellprintshop.com with your information and order number.

When do you reply to emails?

We try to reply within 24hrs Monday-Friday, excluding weekends and holidays.

How to contact us?

Please contact us @shellprintshop.com for any inquires you may have concerning your order, delivery, or questions about gang sheets.

Will my Gang Sheets come on a roll?

yes, most of the time but if we feel it's best to cut them to ship then you will receive cut.